Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala berfirman: “Wahai Muhammad, ingatlah ketika datang pertolongan Allah dan kemenangan bagimu. Engkau menyaksikan manusia masuk Islam berbondong-bondong. Wahai Muhammad, karena itu bertasbihlah kamu untuk menyatakan syukur kepada Tuhanmu dan mohonlah ampun kepada-Nya. Sungguh Tuhanmu sangat lapang dalam memberikan ampunan kepadamu.” (An Nashr, 110: 1-3)


Wednesday, 22 February 2012


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID -- Bagi penyuka sejarah, nama Napoleon Bonaparte dari Prancis mungkin sudah tak asing lagi. Nah, tahukah Anda bahwa ada isu menarik yang konon menyebutkan bahwa musuh bebuyutan Inggris ini adalah Muslim. Tapi ingat, isu ini bukannya tanpa kontroversi.   
Isu Napoleon menjadi Muslim ini diungkap dalam harian resmi Prancis, Le Moniteur Universel (terbit dalam kurun 1789-1868). Disebutkan bahwa Napoleon resmi menjadi Muslim pada 1798. Kutipan berita inilah yang kemudian dimuat dalam buku  Satanic Voices - Ancient and Modernkarya David Musa Pidcock tepatnya pada halaman 61. 
Buku Pidcock ini terbit pada 1992, demikian tulisan yang dikutip Pidcock juga menuliskan bahwa Napoleon memilih nama Ali sebagai nama barunya, sehingga menjadi Ali Napoleon Bonaparte. Rupanya Napoleon sempat terinspirasi oleh orang kepercayaannya, Jenderal Jacques Menou, yang kemudian menjadi Jenderal Abdullah-Jacques Menou. Sang jenderal kemudian menikahi seorang wanita Mesir, Siti Zoubeida –yang diyakini memiliki garis keturunan dari Nabi Muhammad saw.
Napoleon disebut-sebut mengakui superioritas hukum Islam, bahkan berniat menerapkannya di kekaisarannya di Prancis. Prinsip-prinsip syariah itu sempat dimasukkan ke dalam Civil Code Napoleon atau hukum yang ditulis oleh Napoleon. Code Napoleon ini kemudian menjadi menginspirasi konstitusi Prancis dan konstitusi negara-negara taklukan Napoleon di Eropa.
Tunggu dulu…ternyata penerapan prinsip syariah dalam hukum Prancis ini ada contohnya di dunia kontemporer. Berita yang ditulis ini menyebutkan, salah satunya adalah ketika terjadi kecelakaan fatal 1997 yang menewaskan Putri Diana dari Inggris dan teman dekatnya, Dodi al-Fayed. Para fotografer yang memotret insiden tersebut juga ikut dikenai dakwaan hukum dengan bersumber pada jurisprudensi Prancis.
Dakwaan itu menyebutkan, para fotografer ikut bersalah “karena tidak menolong saat berada di lokasi kejadian”. Nah, menurut Pidcock, prinsip ini konon berasal dari hukum syariah hasil ijtihad dari Imam Malik. Lebih jauh lagi, hubungan Napoleon dengan Islam diungkap juga dalam Bonaparte and Islam atau versi Prancisnya, Bonaparte et Islam, tulisan Christian CherfilsWallahu a’lam bissawab…(REPUBLIKA.CO)

Napoleon is Muslim

Who didn’t know Napoleon Bonaparte, an Famous General and Emperor of France that born at Ajaccio, Corsica 1769. His name got order number 34 from 100 most influanced figure on history, written by Michael H. Hart.
As a most powerful and entitled person of France since 1793, he should be very satisfied with all that he got at that time. But all glory of earthly life not please his inner soul, and the religion that he follow at that time can’t makes Napoleon Bonaparte feeling calm and peace.Then, at 2 July 1798, 23 years before his death at 1821, Napoleon Bonaparte proclaim his Islam to the world.
What makes Napoleon choosing Islam than his past religion, Chistian? These are what he said (From Genuine Islam. Singapore; October 1936):
“I read the Bible; Moses was an able man, the Jews are villains, cowardly and cruel. Is there anything more horrible than the story of Lot and his daughters ?”
“The science which proves to us that the earth is not the centre of the celestial movements has struck a great blow at religion. Joshua stops the sun ! One shall see the stars falling into the sea… I say that of all the suns and planets,…”
Then Napoleon Bonaparte also said:
“Religions are always based on miracles, on such things than nobody listens to like Trinity. Yesus called himself the son of God and he was a descendant of David. I prefer the religion of Muhammad. It has less ridiculous things than ours; the turks also call us idolaters.”
“Surely, I have told you on different occations and I have intimated to you by various discourses that I am a Unitarian Musselman and I glorify the prophet Muhammad and that I love the Musselmans.”
In the end, he said:
“In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate. There is no god but God, He has no son and He reigns without a partner.”
Napoleon Bonaparte admire AlQur’an after comparing it with his Holy Bible. Then he found many strong point of AlQur’an than Bible, and all story behind it.

36 Responses to “Napoleon is Muslim”

  1. mehreen khan Says:
    my name is mehreen khan, an i am a muslim born, i am really glad to believe that NEPOLEON was a muslim, i am shocked, becoz rapers lyk him dnt care bout nyfin an they rnt scared ov death. hope he is in peace in his grave. (INSHALLAH)
  2. Well Napoleon certainly had said that, “I believe that the day is not far when all the wise and educated of the world will accept the Holy Quran alone as true and will stand united on its principles.” i therefore place my heartiest respect to Allah’s apostle and Quran.”
    So this famous statement of the great French emperor certainly gives a reason to us to believe that he might have accepted the hidaya (the true way).
  3. Zakaria Master Says:
    napolean is comnig to blackburn mosque 21st feb 2009.. contact me for details..
  4. je suis vraiment choqué parce que j’ai jamais pensé que Napolion est un musulman
    mai pourquoi il a envoyé des envoyés spéciaux en Égypte et qu’ils étais occuper de présenter la christianisme dans cette pays musulman??
  5. some sources say he only said that for political gain and that it was directed towards the Turks. But, I truly hope he was a muslim so that he may enjoy the jannah.
  6. Here’s the thing: If he was a Muslim then he certainly was a bad one. Never has there been a more arrogant person not to mention his many deeds of wanton destruction. You have only to visit his tomb (Les Invalides) to see this is not the burial of a Muslim. I think it’s either a crock of rubbish or something he did for political gain without any sincerity whatsoever.
    Allah knows best.
  7. sabir pasha Says:
    Can you Please provide with some authentic historical facts that he was a Muslim .And was he buried like a Muslim??
  8. Edwin Siagian Says:
    I am very excited to hear the Napoleon ia a moslem. It’s really surprising, the founder of France coverted to Islam.
  9. intresting just found out today that supposadly napoleon was supposadly a muslim was he ? god knows first time ife heard about it in my life i must say let me do some reserch
  10. The Memoirs of Napoleon categorically describes his death, his will and subsequent events. There is no mention of anything to indicate that he ever converted to Islam. He might have said those things to appease the natives in his Egyptain campaign, as most astute politicians do. To glorify Islam, one need not lean on such figures. Anything of value must be able to stand on its own. A seeing man does not need a walking stick to walk, the blind do.
  11. jollybuffalo Says:
    Jesus is the only way to heaven. Christians do not kill other people when they do not convert to christianity but the muslims think that are infidels and deserve to die. Well we are all going to die someday,and then The Good Lord will separate the wheat from the tares.
    • Hi Jollybuffalo,
      just to correct you Islam does not allow the killing of a people when they choose not to embrace islam, infact the quran states there is no compulsion in Islam, also it strictly does not allow the killing of any human being muslim or not, just as it does not allow the killing of children, women or anyone without weapons at war, I really think you should provide proof when making such claims, as it’s people like you who are the cause of war and hatred, complete ignorance, we muslims don’t brandish all christians as killers because of the actions of the crusaders, IRA, Red eta, RAF of greece or the constant murder on the streets of western christian countries, no because we understand christianity is not the cause of this, neither is islam the cause of this and you must read the Quran before making such claims..
      Many thanks, hope your doing well
    • the true bible is not yours.the true bible is from prophet isa .how do you know that jesus is the son of the god??tell me………
    • semua orang layak mati,atas kehendakNya….
      coba anda pelajari dulu Al-Qur’an,stelah anda pelajari mudah2an anda ( buffaloa) mendapat hidayah Nya… Amin…
      klo masalah membunuh orang lain..!!!
      mungkin anda lupa peristiwa pasukan eropa yang merebut kota yerusalem pada awal perang salib dengan membantai umat Islam disana..!!!
      tapi apa yang di lakukan saladin seratus tahun kemudian..! saat tentara nya berhasil merebut kembali yerusalem dari pasukan eropa..?
      dia tidak menumpahkan darah umat kristiani setetespun…
      mungkin anda harus lebih banyak membaca sejarah…
      semoga Allah memberikan hidayah kepada anda….Amin
    • JESUS is just a son of man. NO MORE!!! the ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN IS TO BELIEVE IN THE ONE TRUE GOD WHO SENT JESUS, that is ALLAH, THE ONE. Take a look at this verse of the (Holy???)BIBLE;
      “One came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that may I have eternal life? And he (JESUS) said, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is God”
      (Matthew 19: 16-17)
      So what do you think of this verse? JESUS himself denied to be called good, why then you say he’s the only way to heaven???
  12. that reply for jollybuffalo
  13. Great..!
  14. islam for all mankind
  15. im really suprised that nepolen is a muslim
  16. Most of great people converts to Islam
  17. And so they think highly of themselves. They praise themselve because they think they are correct. Remember, Jesus Christ came more than 2000 years ago. Mohammed studied and copied the critical evidence in the Bible and proclaimed his own religion. Ever wonder why the Hijra is only 1400++ years old?
    • Mohammad studied? LOL!
      he was illiterate, how can he study the whole bible and claim it was from God?
      All the Quran and Hadith is from God, and only God.
    • How come Muhammad studied and copied the bible, when he first met Jibril(Gabriel), Gabriel told him to read but he was unable to read, thus Gabriel taught him. a lot of stories about prohets and good people have been told by God in the Quran, God preserves the noble character of the prophets and the good people.
  18. I don’t understand why most people I’ve come across through from other religions say bad stuff about Islam when it was the person not the religion. Those people seriously need to update their minds with the recent facts, and not continuously flash up the bad news from the past.
  19. the truth of the matter is many cristians dont know anything about islam but what they see on tv channels on terrorist attacks by some muslims with twisted ideology about the religion. Read about islam and you will truely know this religion is all about peace and devine.
  20. Dr. Anwar Ul Haque Says:
    Some people here commented that Mohammad (PBUH) studied and copied the bible; these people perhaps do not know that Mohammad could not read or write. When he received Quran he used to dictate it and then listned to what was being said. He could not even read his name. Allah (The God in Arabic) gave him the ability to remember the entire Quran by heart. Quran actually protected all previous divine books and removed all man made garbage. It protected the great and noble character of Prophets Lot, David, Solmn and Jesus. Quran protected the virgin Mary and glorified her very noble character.
  21. All praises are due to ALLAH, the one and true GOD of all creation. If Emperor Napoleon did convert to Islam, all praises are due to ALLAH and only HIM. All negative posts by non-Muslims are definately due to ignorance on their part and the failure of Muslims to live up to the teachings of Al-Qur’an and As-Sunnah. I call upon all Muslims to unite for the noble cause of propagating Islam to all. Please remember to uphold the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet, Sayidina Muhammad S.A.W. Remember!! We live to be tested of our faith in this passing life, die and then to life an eternal life after death. Make sure you waste no time in contemplating anything of this life, as ALLAH ALL MIGHTY has promised us nothing but excellence, opulence and splendour hereafter, for eternity! Isn’t that something worth yearning and working for? All that HE asks for is……..QUL HU ALLAH HU AHAD………..
  22. I am so glad if that is true
  23. Such that for all to know more .. Look at Google for .. (what scientists say about the Prophet Muhammad), including Napoleon … and thank you very much.
  24. Ayman ghamry Says:
    actually i was surprised to know this post that Napelion chanegd to islam but any way for the non muslims who always attack muslims for nothing just because they are muslims as if the muslim people hate every body and forsure this is wrong
    i am asking our friends from the non muslims to read a little about islam instead of attacking ,do some efforts to find the truth and i am sure ur mind will guide u to the clear truth that islam is the best and being muslim will add alot of happiness for ur heart and ull feel better, although all of us cant be angels but at least ull find peace
    and thanks allah that i was born muslim and i hope to die muslim inshallah
    only on God he is allah and no more Gods and no son for allah
    and ill do my best for more researches about this post because if this was documented so we need to translate it and publish every where
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    [...]Napoleon is Muslim « For The Truth![...]…
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    [...]Napoleon is Muslim « For The Truth![...]…
  27. I agree with Sarah. He wasn’t a Muslim. He just used religion as his political gains. He was in reality, a secular and personally disliked religion. It’s a pity, isn’t it? If he actually cast his doubts and studied the Qur’an, it would have changed his life 360 degrees.
  28. Subhanallah it is not important at all whether Nepolean was muslim or not..if he accepted Islam then he saves himself,if he not then he fails..Allah doesn’t care a single grain who become muslim or not..islam is only for our own sake…..

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